South Shores

Into the Night (Day 5)

At midnight three bandits tried to steal the party’s money while they slept. One was blown up through the kidney by Salme, at which point another jumped out of the window. Salme gave jumped after him and shot him fatally with her bow. The third bandit then jumped out the window on top of Salme and then ran away. Chaz and Siegfried just watched this happened, and Salmanca slept through the whole ordeal. The party then used Gud to follow the scent of the last bandit, and found him at the graveyard talking to the same figure seen in the crypts of the Academia. The bandit got killed dead, and the gold was retrieved.
The party met [wizard] who is the caretaker of the Tomb of the Heroes.
The party went to the Bouleterion, tried to sway the vote on a bill for war or peace, and almost succeeded. The head of the Boule got all dead.
The party then haggled their way to the next dungeon which was in fact the Tomb of the Heroes, where they attempted to keep watch over the Scepter of Psen, but that only ended in blindness, yelling, and one less hand.



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