South Shores

I Think I'm a Crab Now (Day 1)

As a cart full of travelers approached the shores of Fell Bay, they were ambushed by deserters from the Pirate War. Successfully capturing one bandit and killing the rest, with the help of Mustard Keyn, a valiant warrior of virtue, they then headed to the city of Heironiko. Upon arrival, Mustard Keyn was greeted happily by the guards, who let the party in. The party went to the market in West Heironiko, where they gathered a few things including a mysterious deck of cards.
The party headed to the tavern and quickly came across Dloniere there drinking with some of his soldiers. Salme, Salmanca and Chaz agreed to find a person named Wevin on the other side of the Midwall for him, and that further instructions would find them. Then Salme made a guy play with her mysterious deck of cards and basically now Lizard Guy is a crab.
Seeing a chance to earn some coin and some favors, Salme agreed to take Lizard to the Academia to see if a cure could be found. Small dude came with because what else is he gonna do, and Mustard Keyn wanted to hang out.
At the Academia, the party agreed to descend into the crypts of the school to find what some students have been up to that has disallowed the use of conjuration magic in the building. The party found scattered notes, some lemures, and two gargoyles. One student was found guarded by a gargoyle and a hand was found in a dorm room. After scouring the rest of the crypts, the party found the remaining students, a book of few things, more lemures, and a Lich at an altar. A mysterious cloaked figure stood in the hallway behind the Lich and vanished into the depths of the crypts. The party recovered the Hmen Blade from a student sacrificed on the altar and a Black Blade from the Lich. Salmanca is no longer a crab. Also Chaz got some platform shoes from the head mages.
The party took rest in the Drunken Whore and Mustard Keyn took his leave.



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