South Shores

Fun Fun (Day 9)

Salme got her eye transplant and can now hear laughing children and gets glimpses of childhood. Yaaaaay.
Chaz returned from the woods without Herberta. The party investigated where she was last seen near an abandoned temple. Hilarity ensued, Herberta was continually called Roberta, and the party gained new clothes (and a baby rust monster).

Broad City (Day 8)

More of the same.

Eye for an Eye (Day 7)

Salme and Siegfried fought in a tournament and Salme lost an eye. Salme then tried to get a basilisk eye from a magic dealer but only made him upset.
Salmanca went to a lizard people settlement near Psen and made sweet love.
Salme bought a child’s eye and went to the nearest temple to get it put in.
Chaz went off in the woods with Herberta
Wizard was wizarding

Waiting to Strike (Day 6)

The party slept, went around town, and retrieved another hand.

Into the Night (Day 5)

At midnight three bandits tried to steal the party’s money while they slept. One was blown up through the kidney by Salme, at which point another jumped out of the window. Salme gave jumped after him and shot him fatally with her bow. The third bandit then jumped out the window on top of Salme and then ran away. Chaz and Siegfried just watched this happened, and Salmanca slept through the whole ordeal. The party then used Gud to follow the scent of the last bandit, and found him at the graveyard talking to the same figure seen in the crypts of the Academia. The bandit got killed dead, and the gold was retrieved.
The party met [wizard] who is the caretaker of the Tomb of the Heroes.
The party went to the Bouleterion, tried to sway the vote on a bill for war or peace, and almost succeeded. The head of the Boule got all dead.
The party then haggled their way to the next dungeon which was in fact the Tomb of the Heroes, where they attempted to keep watch over the Scepter of Psen, but that only ended in blindness, yelling, and one less hand.

The Setup (Day 4)

Nearing the city of Psen, the party encountered a group of gnolls who were dragging a large bag. Wevin demonstrated some interesting abilities and all but two gnolls were killed and some guy who probably isn’t very important burst from the bag and seemed cool with just following the party to Psen because why not. The party then killed a basilisk attacking Psen, resulting in free meals and lodging and a giant stone scorpion on the edge of the city.

Walking (Day 3)

The party keeps on walking to Psen and nothing really happens.

Melt the Wall! (Day 2)

The party talked to Dloniere about how exactly to get across the Midwall separating the pirate and City controlled part of Heironiko. Before Dloniere told them how, everyone decided to try to distract the guards on the wall long enough to use soften earth on the wall. This only lead to a guard thinking that a ghost was after him as he ran off the wall and fell 20 feet. The group then accepted going through the caverns to go underneath the wall and Dloniere gave Salme a small parcel which she was to give to a man named Wevin. They encountered almost nothing in the caverns except a guy yelling at them, a giant lizard which they didn’t fight, a boar they didn’t fight, and two drug dealers they didn’t fight. It was a very diplomatic event.
Once on the other side of the wall, the party went to the City Square which holds the market of East Heironiko. There they found Wevin, who pointed out that the package contained something meant to kill him. He nevertheless befriended the party, who spent about 45 minutes buying stuff with the ridiculous amount of money they acquired from Mustard Keyn. Wevin then brought the party to the Port, where they met Hom Offim, a man of the cloth who chooses to obscure his face and where a white cloak. Hom sent the party north with Wevin to convince the city of Psen, and consequently the whole rural countryside of the South, to join the pirates. Before heading off, Salme insisted on getting her reward from Dloniere. She got about 300 gold from him for the trouble, Salmanca got a note which is redeemable for free tuna, and Chaz gets to walk around in the woods whenever, which he could do anyway.
The party set off and made camp at dark.

I Think I'm a Crab Now (Day 1)

As a cart full of travelers approached the shores of Fell Bay, they were ambushed by deserters from the Pirate War. Successfully capturing one bandit and killing the rest, with the help of Mustard Keyn, a valiant warrior of virtue, they then headed to the city of Heironiko. Upon arrival, Mustard Keyn was greeted happily by the guards, who let the party in. The party went to the market in West Heironiko, where they gathered a few things including a mysterious deck of cards.
The party headed to the tavern and quickly came across Dloniere there drinking with some of his soldiers. Salme, Salmanca and Chaz agreed to find a person named Wevin on the other side of the Midwall for him, and that further instructions would find them. Then Salme made a guy play with her mysterious deck of cards and basically now Lizard Guy is a crab.
Seeing a chance to earn some coin and some favors, Salme agreed to take Lizard to the Academia to see if a cure could be found. Small dude came with because what else is he gonna do, and Mustard Keyn wanted to hang out.
At the Academia, the party agreed to descend into the crypts of the school to find what some students have been up to that has disallowed the use of conjuration magic in the building. The party found scattered notes, some lemures, and two gargoyles. One student was found guarded by a gargoyle and a hand was found in a dorm room. After scouring the rest of the crypts, the party found the remaining students, a book of few things, more lemures, and a Lich at an altar. A mysterious cloaked figure stood in the hallway behind the Lich and vanished into the depths of the crypts. The party recovered the Hmen Blade from a student sacrificed on the altar and a Black Blade from the Lich. Salmanca is no longer a crab. Also Chaz got some platform shoes from the head mages.
The party took rest in the Drunken Whore and Mustard Keyn took his leave.

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